DBFrames readme

Author: Yuriy Tkachenko
Date: 30/10/11
Version: dbframes-0.6


DBFrames is a rapid application development (RAD) framework for building data aware applications for Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices. It uses Python (PythonCE) programming language, SQLite as data storage and PocketPyGui as GUI library.


For WinCE handhelds:

For Win32 PCs:


The project's download page http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbframes/files/


Simply extract the archive on your device.



Although DBFrames is currently used in real business application, there are some issues to know.

All visible data are loaded from database file during application start. So the application may start quite long time. Keep in mind that mobile database shouldn't be very large. In my case the application with seven database tables with hundreds of records start up to two minutes on HP iPAQ 214.

Rarely, but it's possible to see 'Out of memory' exception in Python window. Usually it may happen during execution of additional 'Actions' (created with ActionDialog class) which actively use memory (such as soaplib). After application reboot it continues working well again.


You can post your questions/suggestions on the DBFrames sourceforge forum page (http://sf.net/projects/dbframes).